With Natural Solatube Light in Your Bathroom, Closet or Other Spaces, You’ll Feel Even More Pumped for the Day

Solatube is a natural lighting system that will work beautifully anywhere. Whether large or small, office or home, you can have daylight wherever you are, all thanks to Solatube’s wonderful tubular skylights!

Your health and energy levels are impacted from the first moment of waking, so ensuring you have the perfect natural lighting sources in your home can be greatly beneficial.

Natural light helps a lot when choosing your clothes for the day, getting dressed, washing, brushing your teeth and putting on makeup. With brilliant daylight in your home, making these preparations becomes even easier and you’ll get the day off to a good start—EVERY DAY!

Keeping Your Circadian Rhythm on Track

Sunlight is vital for keeping your bodily rhythms going. Human beings are creatures of the day—in other words, diurnal. And the circadian rhythm is about our 24-hour bodily cycle that controls a lot regarding our health and general functioning:

  • Temperature
  • Sleep
  • Metabolism

When you’re in daylight, a signal is sent to your brain telling it to wake up and engage in activity.

Now imagine how this affects you in the morning.

If you are exposed to natural light in the morning, you’ll become synchronised with the natural light-patterns of the seasons. That’s why sleep experts recommend being exposed to daylight during the first hour of waking. This means increased energy throughout the entire day, and much better sleep at night.

When you have Solatube in your home, you don’t even have to go outside for your daily dose of natural light.

Bedroom Skylights

Daylight Assists with General Health

Sunlight is excellent for your health—both mentally and physically. It strengthens your bones by stimulating the body’s production of Vitamin D and helps minimise your chances of getting some illnesses. Unfortunately, so many people work and perform daily tasks in places where there are only artificial light sources. So, you may be missing out on the many benefits the right type of light can give you.

What is one of the easiest solutions to this problem?

With Solatube skylight installation in some of the typically darker spaces in your home like the bathroom or kitchen, you’ll always have enough daylight. You could be benefiting from the daylight without changing your routine.

Daylight—Even Good for Mental Health

Were you aware that daylight encourages your body to produce serotonin? This is a hormone that puts you in a good mood and makes you calmer. It also helps you concentrate well.

If you rise and shine with natural light, it’s better than coffee or any other ‘pick me up’ drink. Something as simple as introducing more daylight into your morning routine can help you have a better mindset for the day ahead.

Looking Good—Thanks to Good Lighting

You know how natural light beautifies everything it touches? Not even the best artificial light can compare. LEDs were made to imitate sunlight but often fail to achieve this. Artificial light can only include a tiny percent of the colours available, whereas the natural light from the sun emits the full spectrum. This means that when you look at yourself during the day, bathed in sunlight, you’re looking at an authentic version of yourself—and it’s beautiful!

Just think of when you’re preparing for work in the morning—your skin will look healthier, brighter, and very natural. With brilliant natural light helping you get ready for the day; you’ll see a more accurate representation of what you look like once you’re out the door.

Use Light to Pick the Perfect Outfit

Have you ever bought something that looks great in the changing room, but awful once you take it out of the shop? Lighting determines how clothes appear. With its limited colour spectrum, artificial light simply can’t give you the correct idea of what your attire actually looks like.

The same problem exists when you’re trying to pick impressive outfits in the morning, but don’t have proper lighting.

If you install Solatube in your closet or bedroom, you’ll be able to see your clothes in a fresh way. The natural light will give you an accurate idea of what your clothes look like outside, and this will help you put together the perfect outfit.

Adding daylight into your home can add a spark to your daily routine of getting ready for work, especially when installed in bathrooms, closets, and other areas you find yourself getting ready. With Solatube you get daylighting solutions that are cost-effective, affordable, and suitable for use in all areas of working and daily living.

To find out how you can install Solatube skylights in your home, call Solatube now.

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