Which Lighting is Best for Your Home?

how to choose a skylight

How to light your house the right way: ideas for environmentally conscious and energy-efficient lighting. The Significance of Home Lighting Today’s residential lighting considerations extend beyond decorative fixtures. When designing your home, thinking carefully about your lighting plan is essential. Natural lighting can make your home eco-friendly and energy-efficient, and it can also significantly benefit
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3 Ways Tubular Daylighting Devices Protect the Environment

tubular skylights

Daylighting devices and innovative technology have changed the way homeowners bring natural light into their homes. The benefits of installing a skylight in your house include improved moods, enhanced ambiance and energy savings. With advanced technology, tubular daylighting devices are helping homeowners move away from artificial lighting, and the benefits are far-reaching! Besides benefitting the
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Investments to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Most homeowners today want to make long-term investments and invest in energy-saving devices and constructions. It’s the smart, eco-friendly and responsible thing to do, right? And it’s possible if you invest in the right renovations, such as wind vents or skylights. For the right changes to your property, read further for practical tips on how to:
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How versatile is a Solatube Skylight?

For decades, homeowners have been using skylights to add bright, natural light to their homes. But what happens when that sunlight is a little too bright, resulting in unwanted glare and even causing “hot spots” in specific areas of a room? It’s a common problem with many traditional skylights – suddenly, all that warm, natural
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Four Great Design Ideas for Solatube Skylights

The fixtures for Solatube round skylights can be difficult to distinguish from regular, electric lighting. That’s one of their selling points: free light from the sun that won’t change the look of your interior design. However, some of our clients don’t want skylights that mimic the look of electric lights. They want to call attention
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