Are the cold winter months leaving you feeling a little “SAD?” Australia is lucky to have one of the sunniest climates on the planet, but that doesn’t mean we’re immune to the effects of winter – especially the lower levels of natural sunlight associated with the winter months. Low levels of sunlight can have a significant impact on the body – so significant, it’s associated with a medical disorder known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

The Symptoms of “SAD”

“SAD” can cause a wide array of physical and emotional symptoms in those who suffer from the condition, including:

  • sadness
  • depression
  • moodiness
  • fatigue
  • problems with sleep, including sleeping too little or too much
  • changes in appetite – most notably food cravings and weight gain
  • general malaise and decreased interest in activities

While many people – including many in the scientific community – disregarded these symptoms in the past, today researchers recognise there’s a real physiologic basis for “SAD” and its symptoms. Multiple studies have demonstrated the link between natural sunlight and the normal functions of the body and brain. We “see” that link in our natural sleep and wake cycles (called circadian rhythms).

Sunlight stimulates the release of chemicals that help us regulate our sleep, stabilize our moods and ward off depression and other mood-related disturbances that can take a big toll on our lives and activities. When the sun dips lower in the sky during the winter months, we receive less natural light and our bodies respond, often resulting in the symptoms of “SAD”. Vitamin D production also drops when the body is exposed to less sunlight, an effect that can also contribute to mood disorders like depression. Plus, most of us spend a lot more time indoors during the winter, and while that can be cosy, it also limits the time we spend in the sunlight.

Bringing the Sunlight Indoors

Yes, windows can let some sunlight in, and so can traditional skylights. But because the sun is lower in the sky, rises later and sets earlier, the amount of sunlight we actually get in our indoor spaces is significantly restricted. Flat skylights are no better, only providing adequate sunshine when the sun is positioned almost directly over the light panel and they fail to disperse the sunlight into the far corners of a room.

Fortunately, Solatube skylights are designed to help us combat the winter doldrums. The unique Raybender 3000 dome design gathers light from the sun wherever it’s located in the daytime sky – even when it’s low along the horizon. Once inside the dome, the Solatube’s Spectralight Infinity Tubing magnifies the light, directing it where you need it – even in the darkest areas of your home like interior rooms and basements.

Solatube skylights are simple to install, require little to no maintenance, and feature a generous warranty that provides you with the peace of mind you need to feel confident about your purchase and your installation. Plus, they can be installed on just about any type of roof without the need for expensive modifications. If you’d like to learn more about Solatube and how easy it is to add more natural sunlight to your home, visit the website at or contact us today. If you are looking for a skylight dealer in Sydney, click here.

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