Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and needs the best lighting. Think about how much time is spent by you or someone you live with standing in the bathroom applying make-up, doing hair or just plain old looking in the mirror at those wrinkles that weren’t there yesterday.

Skylights are the best way to get natural unaltered light into the space. Sometimes bathroom light bulbs can alter the light making the room look dull or yellow. The artificial light can then make your skin and hair look different to its actual shade, which is a disaster when applying make-up.

As Bathrooms are prone to high humidity, we would recommend you install a Ventilation Kit, which provides the dual convenience of ventilation with daylight. The ventilation kits look neat and stylish in your bathroom and are easily installed along with your bathroom Skylight.

Skylight Ventilation

So next time your squinting at yourself in the bathroom, consider natural light and maybe your bathroom with look as amazing as this one!

Solatube Skylight Bathroom