If you’re searching for home improvement ideas, you have come to the right place! There are so many wonderful projects out there that it can sometimes become overwhelming to choose what you want to do. We’re here to share 5 home lighting improvement ideas to help you brighten your home.

When it comes to creating bright and cheerful space, the use of light is sometimes overlooked. A well-lit space can make a huge difference to any interior – and we don’t just mean changing your light bulbs! Keep reading so we may shed a little light on the topic.

1. Assess External Light Blockages

Something that can easily be overlooked is external factors – such as shrubs or trees – that may be blocking the natural light from illuminating your space. Take a walk outside your home and check if there is any overgrown foliage blocking your windows that might require pruning or relocation. This simple change can have quite a dramatic result in some cases.

2. Repaint The Ceiling And Walls

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint, it can make all the difference. If you choose a lighter, brighter hue of paint, it will enhance the effect of natural and artificial light in your space and impact the look of any room tremendously.

Kitchen with round skylight

3. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are an affordable and simple home improvement that anyone can achieve in their home. When you place a large mirror on your wall, not will it reflect your space to make it appear larger, but it will also reflect light that will brighten up your room. Try placing mirrors opposite from windows or other light sources to reflect the light around the room. A simple trick that can instantly enhance and brighten your space.

4. Update Your Flooring 

If you have dark-coloured flooring, it’s possible that it could be absorbing the natural light entering your home. Not to mention the fact that dark colours often make a space appear smaller. If this is the case in your home, it might be time to consider updating your flooring. Some current trends in flooring include the use of light, natural-looking surfaces and rugs, as well as materials with a wood or stone appearance. Once all furniture has been cleared out of the room, flooring installation can be a reasonably easy home improvement project. 

5. Reconsider Your Lighting Situation

While there are countless lighting options available, there is no denying that the best light you can add to your home is the natural kind. Sunlight brings a number of benefits into your home including the production of serotonin in your brain, so that you feel extra energised, happier and less stressed. One of the best ways to bring natural daylight into your home is through a skylight. Tubular skylights are an innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional skylights, allowing you to bring natural daylight into your home. Tubular daylighting systems capture the sun’s light and transfer it through highly-reflective tubing that eliminates heat gain whilst maintaining maximum brightness, even around bends. 

At Solatube, our daylight systems will deliver sunlight into your home in style. You can have gorgeous, diffused daylight delivered through stylish fixtures for supreme visual comfort and aesthetics. Our wide range of decorative ceiling fixtures can enhance the look of any interior. Our installations are not only stylish, they are intelligent. Our daylighting systems are available with a range of accessories and options for dimming, brightening, and nighttime lighting.

The addition of a tubular skylight daylighting system by a professional installer only takes two hours and does not require any major modifications to your home.

Home improvement does not have to be a daunting task. Sometimes the simplest DIY fixes can transform even the darkest nooks of your home, so take your time assessing each room and design a solution that will bring more sunshine into your life.

For more information on how you can improve the amount of daylight in your home, contact the team of daylighting specialists at Solatube. Call us or your local premier Solatube dealer – such as Skylights Sydney – to discuss your options today!

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