May 29, 2019

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

The most energy efficient LED lighting for your home. Ever
Save up to 94% on Lighting Energy Costs

The revolutionary Solatube Smart LED is a 24-hour home LED lighting solution that delivers up to 94% in light energy savings.* This innovative system combines advanced residential LED lighting technology with state-of-the-art daylighting for unparalleled energy efficiency.

LED globes are the most energy efficient available, and the Smart LED system uses LEDs to fill in the gaps when the sun’s light is dim or absent. In the morning and evening, the LEDs will combine with daylighting to create the perfect level of brightness. When daylight is not available, the Smart LEDs will work as they would in a normal, high efficiency light fixture. The Smart LED lights system is perfect for hallways, bathrooms and other interior spaces where you need working overhead lights all day AND all night.

The Smart LEDs also operate automatically, last longer than traditional electric lights, and are virtually maintenance-free.

And that adds up to big savings for homeowners!