"Coolest tube this summer" - Maximise light, remove heat with patent INFRAREDuction technology.

  • Australia's highest performing skylight guaranteed

  • Energy Star rated skylight

  • 2 hour installation. No mess, no fuss, no leaks.

  • Introducing INFRAREDuction technology. As implied by the name, patent process to extract infrared wavelengths (HEAT) on the first light bounce before they can be transferred through the tube, dispersing heat before it ever enters the home.

    While there are LED products suggesting they can imitate natural light, nothing compares to flooding your home with the real thing.  For any customers that’s ever had a large traditional skylight in summer they  are always concerned about the heat.  Solatube’s dome technology rejects overpowering summer mid-day light to thermal insulation panels that keep both HEAT and COLD from moving into a building’s interior, thermal regulation has always been a priority for us.

    Solatube is the only choice for quality, performance and value for money

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    The most effective skylight by far in Australia, spreading the light across the whole room.

    How a Solatube skylight can improve your home environment:

    • Removes heat
    • Improved moods
    • Natural light without any structural changes to the roof
    • No need for blinds
    • Maintenance free and installed in 2 hours