December 22, 2018

SkyVault Series

The SkyVault Series is a groundbreaking line of tubular daylighting devices designed specifically for large volume commercial spaces with high ceilings like airports, convention centres, lobbies, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and retail centres.

The core of the new Solatube SkyVault Series is the Solatube M74 DS Daylighting System, which captures natural light at the roof level, and transfers it indoors using the world’s most reflective material. The base unit provides a 74 cm opening to the sky, allowing more light to enter an area for higher daytime illuminance and / or greater spacing between units with fewer roof penetrations.

The SkyVault Series gives building designers a Solatube daylighting solution that delivers maximum output while minimising impact on the building envelope and significantly reducing installation costs.

Features at a glance

Superior transmissibility
Our systems boast unrivalled Light Transfer Efficiency (LTE).

Affordable sustainability
By utilising sustainable natural daylight, our systems eliminate the need for electric lights during the day as well as the utility needed to generate that power.

Optical controllability
The SkyVault Series selectively redirects, reflects and delivers the visible spectrum of daylight to large interior spaces.

Labor-saving installation
The SkyVault Series features roof and diffuser modules that are pre-assembled to speed installation.

Engineered reliability
We engineer our SkyVault Series tubular daylighting devices for reliability with sealed, pre-assembled dome and diffuser assemblies, self-cleaning domes and UV / IR filtering. The result is a commercial daylighting solution that withstands inclement weather, requires little to no maintenance, and delivers bright, high output daylight to occupants for years to come, giving you ultimate peace of mind.


Year-round temperature control
The SkyVault Series controls temperature with insulated and sealed curb cap flashings that minimise heat gain / heat loss through the roof.


Focused Delivery

When traveling at shallow angles, daylight tends to get lost in the ceiling region rather than reaching the critical task areas below. The SkyVault Series Amplifier delivers focused light over greater distances by reorienting daylight to strike the Prismatic Diffuser at the most effective angle. As a result, occupants receive an abundance of focused light at the visual task plane with reduced light loss at the ceiling level.