Most homeowners today want to make long-term investments and invest in energy-saving devices and constructions. It’s the smart, eco-friendly and responsible thing to do, right? And it’s possible if you invest in the right renovations, such as wind vents or skylights.

For the right changes to your property, read further for practical tips on how to:

  • Become more energy efficient
  • Add end-profit to the price of your home
  • Decrease energy costs

Wind Vents

Most of us spend over 90% of our time inside. But you need good ventilation indoors to manage temperatures and your health. Ventilation is how you maintain the proper temperature, remove stale air, or add clean air to your interior environment.

Wind vents are popular options to remove the hot air and moisture from the attic or roof of your home. This prevents mould and keeps it cool, which makes your entire home feel more comfortable.

They utilise the energy of the sun and therefore require no electricity. These fans don’t cost anything to operate once they’ve been installed and they’re also very quiet. So, it’s good news for the environment AND homeowners.

Roof Ventilation

Now, why not go one better than simple wind vents? Solar Star is a roof ventilation system that can replace your wind vents. It works similar to a wind vent by removing humidity and stale air. It also operates using solar as the power source, but just one system’s ventilation capacity can replace 6-8 wind vents. This makes for a much simpler installation, with impressive outcomes.


You can change from traditional lightbulbs to fluorescent ones to save energy, but there’s a better alternative that’s good news for your pocket and quick to install without requiring major structural changes to your building. And you won’t need another lightbulb!

Add some tubular skylights to add daylight to your home and cut energy costs.

Solatube Tubular Skylights

Solatube Tubular Skylights have patented the technology and use advanced technology to bring brilliant daylight into your home. It takes daylight, channels it down a highly reflective tube and distributes it into your rooms through a diffuser. It’s able to do so whether the weather is sunny or overcast and doesn’t require much maintenance. They can also be installed in some of the smallest, darkest room in your home.

So, you’re getting a lot of light and it doesn’t cost you anything in terms of your utility bill. It also happens without allowing heat or cold in, so you won’t have increased HVAC expenses.

Whole House Fan

Even in Australia’s immense heat, a Solatube whole house fan can help you drop your interior temperature by several degrees—as much as 30° even! As a result, homeowners can look forward to HVAC savings, with some reporting over 90% savings! And that’s only one reason to consider this change.

In addition, consider that traditional air conditioners recirculate the air in your house. However, whole house fans replace the air inside with fresh air, by pulling air in through your windows. Then, they push the warmer air out, which will escape via vents and the roof.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating operates by giving off heat through a system of hot-water tubes or electric wires under the floor. Heat rises from the floor and warms everything in its path. The warmed objects then also radiate heat.

It is naturally silent, and quite different to radiators and noisy vents. It distributes warmth evenly over your floor. It will allow you to be more energy efficient while still enjoying a cosy feel in your home.

Tankless Water Heaters

If you think of how inefficient it is to keep a massive tank of water hot 24 hours a day just for occasional use, it seems rather impractical.

That’s why tankless water heaters are so useful. They heat the water when it passes through the tank. It benefits you in a couple of ways:

  • Standby heat isn’t lost
  • Your heating expenses will be lower
  • There’s always hot water when you need it—it can’t be used up by an exceptionally long shower
  • Anyone can try this option, because it can run off electricity or gas

Note: gas-powered units do require good ventilation, so remember to look at some other solutions above if you need to upgrade this aspect of your home.

Final Words

Ready to transform your home? You’ll enjoy your home much more after one of these installations and you’ll be doing the environment a favour by going greener.

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