Why Whole House Fans are the most Effective and Energy Efficient way to cool your home:

  1. How does a Whole House Fan Work
  2. How does a Whole House Fan save you money
  3. How does a Whole House Fan compare to a bathroom extraction fan
  4. When is the best time to use a whole house fan
  5. Whole house fans are a great option for winter.


How does a Whole House Fan Work?

Think about the last time you got inside your car after being left outside on a hot summer’s day? The quickest way to cool down your car is wind down the windows and drive until the hot air is sucked out then turn on your air conditioning after that hot air has been removed. Now think about your home.  Why can’t we do the same thing, with Solatube’ s Whole House Fan, you can.  Open the windows, switch on the whole house fan and flush your home with a cool breeze.

cooler-and-fresher wholehouse fan

How does a Whole house fan save you money?

This will quickly cool down your home and can save you up to 90% on your air conditioning cost, reducing the need to run your air conditioning as long or as often, unlike air-conditioning which only recirculates and cools stale air, a Whole House Fan provides natural fresh air throughout the home.

How does a Whole House Fan compare to a bathroom extraction fan?

How does a Whole House Fan cool your home during the hot summer months? The Whole House Fan is like turning on 20 to 50-bathroom vents at the same time. It draws large amounts of air from a single point in the ceiling, removing the hot air out of the home and creating a directional breeze inside the home (depending on which windows you open). It then pushes air into the roof cavity and out through the roof vents to cool the thermal mass of your home.

When is the best time to use a Whole House Fan?

The best time to run the Whole House fan is when it is cooler outside than indoor, generally early morning and evenings in order to circulate cooler air, this draws out the thermal heat in the home. Heat builds up in your home when the windows are shut during the day, this heat gets trapped in the thermal mass of the home, furniture, carpets, and walls.

Whole House Fans are a great option for winter!

The Whole House fan system can be run throughout the whole year, during the winter months, the air in your home gets trapped creating odour build-ups and leaving stale, unhealthy air indoors. The Whole House Fan quickly removes the stale air and replaces it with fresh, clean outdoor air. As this happens within 10 – 15 minutes the intelligent design of a Whole House Fan produces a healthier indoors for you and your family during the cooler months.

https://solatube.com.au/wholehousefan/ or contact 13 16 19 to discuss whole house fans or other ventilation options, such as Solatube’s solar roof ventilation systems.

12 thoughts on “How does a Whole House Fan work

  1. I have been thinking of putting seperate exhaust fans throughout my house.
    Can the whole house fan circulate air in bedrooms when the door or windows are shut?
    Would i still to install exhaust fans in bedrooms to remove hot air during the day?

    1. Hi Paul,

      Any ventilation system will need to draw replacement air form somewhere or it will not work.

      If you want to keep the bedroom windows and doors shut you will only circulate the stale air and are best off using a ceiling or pedestals fan.

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