With some smart decorating, Solatube tubular skylights and some other tips, brightening your dark halls is easier than you think.

Let’s look at ways you can transform your home’s dark hallways!

In many cases the confined spaces of a hallway may not offer you many options in terms of making it more comfortable, practical or convenient. As a result, and due to little or no furniture and décor being used, a hallway often ends up being just a plain utility area. Not very welcoming!

Hallways are also not a common place to find windows. The result? Your hallway may resemble a dim cave rather than a welcoming walkthrough as one moves from room to room.

Is there a solution? Yes! There are many simple ways to solve this challenge, such as using skylights. The outcome can be a bright space that even seems much more spacious than you’d expect.

One smart option is using Solatube. With an array of tubular skylight models, almost any room, nook or cranny in your home can become transformed by brilliant daylight.

Method #1: Using Natural Light to Change Your Home

Light can solve many problems in confined spaces but a challenge you may face when trying to brighten your home is that adding a window—or even a traditional skylight—is simply not possible. This could be because of the home’s layout and the fact that many traditional skylights require structural changes—and huge expenses. This is when you need to try the Solatube tubular skylight solution.

The key to a Solatube tubular skylight lies in the innovative technology:

  • On the roof, the specially designed dome captures daylight, even at low angles. Capturing up to 600% more daylight.
  • Daylight is delivered through the highly reflective tube, delivering 99.7% of visible light from the sun right into your home.
  • The daylight is then beautifully dispersed through a ceiling-mounted diffuser.

Our advanced tubular skylighting system can be installed within hours, with no major structural changes to ceilings or walls inside.

Method #2: Pick a Theme

Alternatively, you can try and draw attention away from the cramped atmosphere by adding décor like framed photos or some art. This can work, but to prevent it from feeling even more confined, stick to a single theme, rather than making the space seem very busy. There should be a common idea or element that appears throughout, whether it’s a colour, theme or texture.

To really make this method work, illuminate your space with brilliant daylight from a Solatube skylight to make your artwork pop!

Method #3: For Light at Night

We’ve established that light can help dark hallways appear bigger and more inviting. But even if you have a skylight, you’ll still need a solution for when the sun sets.

For this, we have a valuable option – Solatube’s Nightlight System. With this installation, you can have the benefit of artificial light at night, but it’s powered by solar energy. This is thanks to its integrated solar panel. So, your solution to brightening up that dark hallway even at night is environmentally friendly and won’t even affect your utility bill.

Method #4: Floor Focus

If your hallway simply has too many negative features that you simply can’t hide, make sure anyone walking there will look at the floor, rather than the walls or ceiling. You just need a runner—a bold, colourful one that will instantly draw attention.

This trick has multiple benefits. Apart from ensuring no one notices the walls that give the idea of closing in on them, you’re insulating the home and muffling footsteps.

Are you ready for all the benefits a small change or renovation can provide? From saving energy thanks to natural light sources to improving aesthetics, it’s possible with Solatube! Talk to one of our experts for skylights in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or nationally! Our Premier Dealers are ready to take your call.

It can start with a free consultation at your home, so contact your Solatube Premier Dealer today.

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