Introducing the Newest Solatube®    Technology


with OptiView®   Shaping Diffusers

We believe that good is the enemy of great. So, we couldn’t help ourselves when we discovered a new technology that would allow us to bring unprecedented control and unparalleled performance to Solatube daylighting systems. Introducing New OptiView Shaping Diffusers. The original OptiView was good. These are great!

Next Generation Lens Technology

OptiView Shaping Diffusers use a state-of-the-art micro- replicated lens technology with pseudo-randomized lens orientations that precisely guide and control nature’s dynamic light source. This allows us to modify the lens patterns to achieve differing light distribution spreads for different visual effects. While the opportunities are seemingly endless, we are initially launching OptiView Wide to daylight our most

common applications. Coming soon is OptiView Superwide for extraordinary wall washing and volumetric daylighting as well as OptiView Narrow that allows highlighting of objects.

Visual Comfort meets Visual Excitement

Look into the new OptiView diffusers and celebrate the dazzling and shifting patterns of sunlight on the lens. It’s a beautiful,

but subtle reminder that you’re thriving under daylight. But also notice that this dynamic light source has been tamed; delivering highly-diffuse, evenly-spread natural light to your environment. No glare. No aberrations. No flash. Just total visual comfort.

Adaptive Harmonisation

Keeping things simple isn’t always easy, especially when working with sunlight. With the New OptiView Shaping Diffusers, keeping ceiling planes simple is a given. The new OptiView diffusers provide a contemporary frost-like look no matter which option you choose. They blend harmoniously to the ceiling plane and to each other. To simplify even more,

Integrate Solatube LED lighting and see proof that less is

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Thoughts on “DaylightShaping TM – with OptiView® Shaping Diffusers

  1. Hello
    We need a replacement diffuser for our Solatube. Can you tell me when/if the Optiview Diffuser might be available in Sydney?
    Many thanks and kind regards,

    1. Hi Margo,

      Best to speak with the Sydney Dealer Solatube home on 9725 5433 they can confirm availability.

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