Daylighting devices and innovative technology have changed the way homeowners bring natural light into their homes. The benefits of installing a skylight in your house include improved moods, enhanced ambiance and energy savings. With advanced technology, tubular daylighting devices are helping homeowners move away from artificial lighting, and the benefits are far-reaching!

Besides benefitting the health and wellbeing of you and your family, skylights help you do your bit for the environment as well. Keep reading as we share the ways in which a modern tubular daylighting device protects the environment, making them a dynamic addition to eco-friendly homes—or instantly turn your home into a more environmentally friendly property.

Solatube Tubular Daylighting System

How Does a Tubular Daylighting Device Work?

Tubular daylighting devices have come a long way since their inception in 1986 when Solatube’s Bob Westfall patented the first design in Australia. The simple concept involves installing a tube through the roof of a house or building so that daylight can be filtered into interior rooms naturally.

The tubular daylighting system is easy to install and can be used in places that can’t be fitted with other types of skylights or traditional windows. Innovative add-ons give homeowners the option of dimming the daylight or using a solar-powered nightlight when the sun goes down. Stylish ceiling fixture for the skylight transform the aesthetics of any room, so you get a functional AND elegant solution.

3 Ways Tubular Daylighting Devices Protect the Environment

1. Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions With Passive Lighting

Artificial lighting accounts for up to 10% of the Australian homeowner’s electricity budget. While LED usage decreases the cost of electricity on domestic properties, artificial lighting is still reliant on the national electricity grid. This reliance increases greenhouse gas emissions which contributes to climate change.

Installing daylighting devices in compact or bigger rooms reduces the need for artificial lights while providing cost-effective passive lighting that doesn’t rely on electricity. With less reliance on artificial lighting, you can decrease your personal demand on the national electricity grid and reduce your impact on climate change.

2. Minimises Carbon Footprint With Solar Power and Smart Features

Daylighting systems are using the latest smart technology and solar power, so less electricity is required to operate them. Optionable remote-controlled solar-powered daylight control system that allows you to control how much daylight enters your home with the touch of a button! This means you can install skylights even in your home theatre, knowing that you can dim the light for daylight viewing.

Solatube’s Night Light add-on is powered by solar power reduces the need to switch over to artificial lighting once the sun sets. This is because daylight was harvested during the day, providing power for lighting at night which creates a gentle glow, often more suitable for interior use than bright, overhead lights.

Solar power, supported by smart features reduces your carbon footprint in more ways than one!

3. Less Air Pollution With Reduced Demand on Cooling Systems

Running an air conditioning unit throughout the hot summer months results in expensive monthly energy bills. With rising living costs, homeowners are seeking ways to reduce these expenses and daylighting systems offer a viable solution. And of course, running HVACs also increase air pollution because of greenhouse gas emissions, so reducing your reliance on these systems is valuable for multiple reasons.

Daylighting devices use advanced technology to remove infrared rays entering the skylight which reduces the amount of heat transferred into a room. This keeps the interior space cool even on the hottest day without compromising on natural lighting. The result? Less reliance on air conditioning units which not only reduces air pollution by energy costs too.


Final Thoughts

Installing tubular daylighting devices that use innovative technology is an excellent way of bringing natural light into your home. It’s the alternative solution for eco-conscious homeowners looking for ways to protect the environment and benefit from energy savings too, while enjoying the ambiance of natural lighting.

Contact our Solatube team on 1800 131 619 and let us do your skylight installation for you. Our customisable tubular daylighting devices add aesthetics to your home interior decor while giving you all the natural light you want! Plus, you’ll be doing your bit for nature by reducing your personal carbon footprint.

One installation can help you become a homeowner who cares for the environment in a very practical way.

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  1. Where it is not advisable to fit to a roof (Aspestos) is there a system available that can be wall mounted or on a bracket of some kind?

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