January 31, 2023

Square Skylights

Square Skylights

At Solatube we recognize that our customers may be looking for the clean and crisp lines of a decorative square skylight, but why sacrifice performance? The most efficient way to capture Natural Light and transfer it into your home is through a tube. With our new square skylight decorative fixtures you will be able to utilise the technology of the world’s most advanced tubular skylight, and transition it into a beautiful square finish.

  • Square Just Frost

    Clean & Contemporary

    Available for:
    160 DS
    290 DS

  • Contemporary clean lines

    With the option of a square decorative ceiling fixture you can enlighten any room with this beautiful look. Allowing natural light into any dark room, will enhance the look and feel to your home.
  • 160DS Square Decorative Fixtures Just Frost

    Sunlight Efficiency

    14-19 m2 Light Coverage Area

    Ideal for daylighting small to medium sized rooms including:

    • Bathrooms
    • Kitchenettes
    • Pantries
    • Hallways
    • Wardrobes and
    • Laundries
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  • 290DS Square Decorative Fixtures Just Frost

    Sunlight Efficiency

    23-28 m2 Light Coverage Area

    Ideal for daylighting medium to large sized rooms including:

    • Kitchens
    • Dining rooms
    • Family rooms
    • Rumpus rooms and
    • Bedrooms
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  • The biggest benefit of using a Brighten-up skylight from Solatube Australia is that we are able to provide the same light output as traditional skylights that are substantially bigger. This in turn allows us to overcome all of the issues that large traditions skylights bring to the home such as leaks, broken domes, difficult installation, low light output during winter, transferring heat into your home during the summer, and allowing reverse cycle heating to escape during winter.

  • Nightlight

    emits a soft ambient light at night

  • Residential Gallery

    Skylights brighten any dark room

  • Other Accessories

    Lighting just the way you want it