Don’t get shafted by a shaft-less “Skylight”

Choose the benefits of pure natural light. Solatube are leaders in Tubular Daylighting Technology. Pure Natural Light from the Sun. Two-hour install, Certified installers, no leaks, no heat transfer – no brainer.

Section J3 of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) calls for a minimum level of natural light within a room. This is because professionals in the industry understand the importance of natural light – “We Work Better, We Feel Better and Think Better”.

Shaft-less Solar skylights often compare their products to the disadvantages of old traditional skylights. Solatube Australia’s products also overcome many of these traditional skylight issues but without the disadvantages of substituting natural light for LED (artificial) lighting as seen below. When comparing these shaft-less solar “skylight” products the comparison should be made to any traditional LED light globe as it is not a skylight product and will not provide the benefits of natural light. Skylights are a solution to providing rooms with the world’s most brilliant light source – Daylight. By substituting skylights with a Solar LED lighting system you are missing out on many of the benefits Daylight can provide.

comparison chart

Delivering true Natural Light vs A Solar Powered alternative

Natural light vs solar a solar powered alternative

Disadvantages of the shaft-less LED Light over natural light firstly are discomfort and glare. Because LED light is so concentrated and has high blue content, it can cause severe glare, resulting in pupillary constriction in the eyes. Blue light scatters more in the human eye than the longer wavelengths of yellow and red, and sufficient levels can damage the retina.

Manufacturers and integrators of lighting systems using LEDs are encouraged to use optics or diffusers, so that the beams of light emitted by the LEDs cannot be seen directly, to avoid glare. Whilst shaft-less LED lights overcome some of the disadvantages of traditional skylights they provide none of the benefits of natural light. There are many copycat skylight products on the market in Australia. Solatube Australia, who have led the industry for over 25 years in daylighting technology, are one of the few to overcome the disadvantages of traditional skylights.

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