Skylit Spa Paradise Jetted spa bathtubs have been growing in popularity in the last decade, and many homeowners who never would have dreamed of the luxury of a jetted tub in their house 20 years ago are now diving in, redesigning and renovating their bathroom to include a spa. The fact is, spa tubs increase circulation, provide relaxation and can even help with arthritis and recovery from injuries. From serious athletes to overworked professionals, almost everyone can benefit from having a spa tub at home. It’s the perfect antidote to our busy, stressful modern lives.

Your Bathroom, Your Private Health Spa

Close your eyes and picture this: you’re filling up a jetted spa tub in a beautifully designed bathroom. The water is the perfect temperature. The spa is long enough to float in and big enough for two. It’s surrounded by stone tile with built-in ledges, and you’ve set a book, a candle, a glass of sparkling wine and a new scented soap on the shelf. There’s a terrycloth-covered bath pillow and clean, fluffy towels. Fresh flowers fill a vase on the wall, and the whole room has a gentle, slightly citrusy scent. A white bathrobe hangs on a wall hook, with cushy slippers below. The materials: natural wood, stone and porcelain. The colours: gentle, relaxing neutrals with hints of sage green and cornflower blue. Or, maybe it’s black and white; just picture a room you’d love.

Solatube Skylights: the Perfect Finishing Touch

What’s missing from this private paradise? Natural light. In a home decorating magazine, perhaps there’d be a large window next to the tub with a spectacular view of the sea or the mountains. Sadly, that is not the setting most of us have to work with. Chances are, your spa tub is not huge or next to a window; the space in most bathrooms is limited. The rest of the spa-style design might be spot-on, however, and you can still have your natural light, even if your bathroom is not adjacent to an exterior wall. All you need are Solatube round skylights.

You can almost certainly bring Solatube skylights into your new bathroom, and just think of the design possibilities! You could have beautiful, full spectrum natural light coming from a stylish, conventional-looking light fixture. You could opt for Solatubes over the tub and elsewhere in the bathroom, perhaps with a clean, modern look for both the lights and the room. You could go for a swiss-cheese pattern, similar to what architects have designed for commercial projects like the Cheesecake Factory. Finally, you could opt for a column of light in the centre of the room, as shown on our UK site (scroll down for the photo).

Solatube round skylights can bring as much natural light as you want into your bathroom, and once it arrives in the room, the possibilities are endless. What could be more natural and beautiful than a spa bath lit with natural light, right in your own home?

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