When it comes to choosing a traditional skylight, your options pretty much end with the choice of your unit. However, with a Solatube skylight, you have a wide range of options to choose from so you can customize your skylight to suit your specific needs. And because the add-on features are so simple and affordable, you can get a unique look for every skylight in your home. For instance:

Every Solatube skylight comes standard with a “natural effects” lens designed to allow you to enjoy the bright, natural light of the sun, but for more control over the light coming into your room, Solatube also offers three other “effect” lenses. Depending on which type you choose, you can enjoy:

  • warm light, similar to the light from incandescent light bulbs
  • soft light, for a glowing effect that helps reduce glare in areas that receive a lot of sun
  • warm/soft light, which combines the effects of the warm and soft lenses

For a truly unique view of the sky above, choose the OptiView lens that offers a kaleidoscopic view of the sky in a low-profile design that’s at home in any space.

Beyond lens choice, Solatube offers fixtures to ensure your new skylight will blend perfectly with your décor. In addition to the standard ceiling-hugging design, you can choose from the classic, cascading design of the Aurora, the bold, geometric lines of the QuadraFrost or the contemporary silhouette of the VividShade.

And it doesn’t stop with design and light choices. Solatube has plenty of other options to help you get the most from your skylight. Not sure if a continual stream of daylight is right for your space? Solatube offers its daylight dimmer, a unique design featuring a butterfly baffle to block light, controlled by a convenient wall switch. The dimmer makes it easy to grab a midday nap or cut out glare when a little daytime TV-watching is in order. And when you’re ready for light to re-enter your world, a flick of the switch is all it takes to return your skylight to full use.

Choose an add-on ventilation fan and let your Solatube skylight do double-duty, removing humidity and stale air to keep your home as fresh and inviting as the natural daylight that streams through your fixture. The low-profile integrative design keeps your ceiling looking uncluttered and ensures your light is unobstructed.

Finally, you can extend the use of your skylight all the way into evening and night – and even on cloudy days – thanks to the Smart LED system that adds energy-efficient lighting, incorporating it into your skylight so it’s ready for action no matter what time of day – or night. The LED lighting system slips into your skylight opening to provide a steady stream of light, reducing the need for a separate ceiling fixture so your room looks less cluttered.

If you’ve been holding back on skylight installation because you’re worried you’ll be locked in to one “look” for any area of your home, Solatube has the answer. To learn more about Solatube or to see a complete list of features and add-ons, have a look at the Solatube website, then give us a call on 13 16 19 to learn more.

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