We’ve got three smart visual tricks to help you make your small bathroom to appear double the size it actually is!

Poor lighting will make any bathroom feel smaller than it actually is. Your dark and dreary bathroom can be quickly and easily transformed by adding natural light in creative ways. Below are three more tips for giving your bathroom the illusion of space.

1. Tile your shower all the way to the ceiling

To create a seamless visual experience in your bathroom, take the tiling in your shower all the way to the ceiling. This will eliminate any visual obstructions, thus making the bathroom appear larger. 

2. Frameless glass is the way to go

Shower curtains and doors can add an extra wall into an already tiny bathroom. Frameless glass shower doors and walls are the superior choice as they remove the visual obstruction making the space open and airy. They also have a great return on investment. 

When choosing your frameless glass opt for clear glass rather than frosted or textured as these can make it feel like there is a wall, and will completely defeat the purpose of going frameless.

3. Bring natural light into your space with Tubular Skylights

As mentioned before a poorly lit bathroom will make your space feel even smaller than it actually is.

A Solatube Tubular Skylight is a great way to cost-effectively bring natural light into your bathroom. Natural light is the brighter, more brilliant lighting choice and is also an energy-efficient option and can save you precious dollars on energy bills. 

There are no structural changes required to install a tubular skylight and  they can be installed quickly – a certified Solatube installer can fit one in only two hours!

If you would like to bring natural light into your home or small bathroom, contact your local Solatube Premier Dealer to book a consultation. Our daylighting experts are certified and trained in assessing your needs, providing a  customised lighting solution, and installing your new daylighting system. Call Solatube on 13 16 19 for a free quote or more information.

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