Daylight Modeling

Do you need help identifying the perfect Solatube Daylighting System Solution for your unique daylighting need?  Your local Solatube Design Expert is a unique daylighting industry expert who will work with you to identify the exact daylighting needs of your project, and apply advanced daylighting design & analysis knowledge, tools, and product design expertise to help you craft a solution that best suits your project budget and annual daylighting performance goals.  

At the heart of Solatube International’s Design Expert’s design assistance and daylighting modeling services is the advanced Solatube Design Calculator.  The Solatube Design Calculator features detailed support for all Solatube products using either ideal or real TMY (typical meteorological year) climate data for cities around the globe, so you can compare and contrast multiple systems in any design configuration.  In just moments, a detailed performance analysis provides you with the information you need to quickly identify the best possible Solatube daylighting solution for any space, anywhere in the world. Using this ground-breaking tool, your Solatube Daylighting Design Expert can quickly inform your design process by comparing hourly and annualized product solutions, generate point by point illuminance calculations (perfect for USGBC LEED v4 analysis and compliance), generate product-specific IES data files that can be seamlessly incorporated into other radiosity-based lighting analysis tools, and even generate detailed hourly task-related performance data for every hour of the year in CSV file format.