Solatube DiffusersTraditional skylights are designed to let light in – and that’s where their functionality stops. They’re not designed to prevent glare or hot spots or to ensure the light they provide is pleasant and designed to enhance the spaces beneath them. As a result, the light you get is often harsh and inconsistent, providing significant variations throughout the days and across the seasons.

Solatube skylights are different. When Solatube’s unique daylighting system was designed, it was created to provide a different type of skylight experience aimed not just at bringing in daylight, but optimising it to ensure each light provides the clearest, purest light possible, even over 30-foot distances, and all without glare, harsh shadows or unpleasant hot spots.

Solatube achieves all these aims – and more – by implementing a unique design, from the roof all the way down to the opening in your ceiling.

In fact, it’s at the ceiling that many of Solatube’s unique design elements really shine – literally. Instead of just a clear opening that allows light to enter the space without regard for the end product, Solatube skylights use diffusers to prevent glare and ensure light is spread evenly across the interior space. And instead of just providing one style of diffuser, Solatube offers several styles to blend with any décor and to provide just the right amount and quality of light you want: Choose the Vision Diffuser™ for optimal diffusion and a fresh design crafted to blend seamlessly with the ceiling while providing soft, pure, natural light. Or if you want a truly unique look, you might prefer the OptiView® Diffuser and its series of high-tech radial lenses that offer a kaleidoscopic view of the sky, clouds, sun and moon. The radial lens design bends exiting light for optimal light dispersion that eliminates glare.

Beyond the diffusers themselves, you can also select lens effects to provide natural, warm, soft and warm/soft light for just the look you want. Plus, every diffuser uses a sleek, unobtrusive design and a bevelled edge that hugs the ceiling for a custom, built-in look sure to lend high-end appeal to any room.

In addition to the light and décor effects they provide, Solatube diffusers are simple to remove and clean too. Just a gentle counter clockwise twist is all it takes to remove the diffuser for easy cleansing with soap and water.

Why settle with the standard, harsh, sub-par light of a traditional skylight when you can enjoy pure sunlight gently diffused by Solatube’s one-of-a-kind diffuser systems and lenses? If you’re ready to learn how a Solatube skylight can help your home look brighter without harsh glares and hot spots, visit our website and contact us online or call us toll-free at 1800 131 619.

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  1. Please send me information on the price and availability of a solar light diffuser. My living room is small, but deeply shaded, and a roof solar diffuser would make a big difference.
    Thank you,
    Eileen Mills

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