April 28, 2018

LED Lighting Accessories

LED Lighting SpecificationsLight Optimisation Lens

A patented Light Optimization Lens allows daylight to pass through and directs the light produced by the LEDs toward the decorative fixture.

LED Lighting SpecificationsEasy Connect Panel and Driver

A housing assembly designed with unique connectors for the driver, Secondary System, and Occupancy Sensor ensures easy installation.

LED Lighting SpecificationsDaylight Sensor

A Daylight Sensor continually monitors light levels within the tube and activates the LEDs when light levels reach a minimum threshold. It also deactivates the LEDs when sufficient daylight is present.

LED Lighting SpecificationsLight Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

Four 3000K LEDs with an average 35 lumens / watt output provide ultra-energy efficient lighting designed to last up to 20 years. In addition, they match the color of existing residential lighting and deliver 80 CRI for a highly accurate display of colours.

LED Lighting SpecificationsOptional Occupancy Sensor

The Occupancy Sensor detects occupants and automatically triggers LEDs when light levels are low. Can be turned on or off when connected to a wall switch.