Round To Square Diffusers

Perfect Australian weather allows daylight flow through your home and brighten up any area through windows or open spaces. But residential homes don’t always have windows or open spaces in places that require lighting. This is where Solatube comes to the rescue.

Solatube’s advanced patented technology allows daylight to flow through a round tube and be project out through the square diffuser, brightening any dark room in your house. The high reflective material used in the Solatube tubing allows maximum light to penetrate the diffuser to give the best lighting possible to your home.

Our square skylight diffuser range fits both style and budget for those who are eager to light up their home and keep costs down at the same time.

Optiview Skylight Diffuser

OptiView® Skylight Diffuser

The innovative design of our OptiView Diffuser delivers the cleanest, purest natural daylight imaginable. A matrix of individual Fresnel lenses offers a unique view of the sky above and also provides unrivaled and highly engineered diffusion.

Prismatic Skylight Diffuser

Prismatic Skylight Diffuser

Ideal for replicating the look and style of traditional troffers, the Prismatic Diffuser option blends into virtually any design to provide a bright, broad diffusion of natural light.