Skylights for Natural Lighting

Let natural light brighten your home

So how do I bring natural light into my home? Bringing natural light into the home has never been more important, the benefits of natural light, include improved moods and health, outweighing traditional lighting sources. Round or square, Solatube has the decorative options to match your homes style. Select from our full range and view our gallery.

There are 3 important aspects to every skylight: Whilst Solatube is a cost effective lighting solution, don’t settle for cheaper alternative products.

1. The Dome & Fitting

skylight installation
Most skylights you find have very basic domes – getting you a mere portion of the available light.

A Solatube Brighten Up series dome is designed to capture low angle light. This gets up to 600% more daylight, even in Winter.

The flashing can be a bigger hole in your pocket than your roof. “One type fits all” is doomed for failure (not to mention leaks!)

At Solatube, customised flashing is tailored to your roof profile for a leak proof, durable and attractive fit.

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