May 21, 2024

Highest airflow performance guarantee – Solar Star RM1600 Roof Ventilation


Unfortunately, there is no Australian requirement to test solar roof ventilation systems, like there is for example, a requirement to test wind vents to Standard AS NZS 4740-2000. This has opened the door to many outrageous claims on a large number of imported products, which are based on unrecognised testing methods frequently performed in China. Manufacturers suggesting double or even triple the performance over products that have similar fan and solar panel parameters – but which are tested to the applicable Australian Standard ISO 5801-2004, is simply false.


In response, Solatube Australia is now offering a highest performance guarantee. This guarantees that our product offers the highest airflow performance when tested to ISO 5801-2004 through a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) approved testing agency, of any similar products currently available in the market. If proven incorrect, Solatube Australia will pay for the customer’s chosen product.


This guarantee will be available on the first claim on each competitor product that is not listed in this guarantee. Similar product mean that:

  1. The product offers the same throat size/ fan dia +or- 25mm (the diameter circumference of the fan housing of which any air flow calculations should be made, not the opening cut in the roof)
  2. Solar panel must be within 10 watts of the solar star product
  3. Product performance test report must be provided from a NATA approved testing house and tested to ISO5801
  4. The test must be made under natural sun conditions


While Solatube Australia acknowledges that some products may have slightly higher airflow performance, we feel it is important that businesses validate their claims and that non-reputable methods of airflow testing are removed from the market place. It is our strong belief that customers should be able to make informed decisions based on trusted and independently verifiable performance claims.