March 26, 2024

Smart LED Light

smart-led-primaryThe energy-efficient Solatube Smart LED Light System is in a category all by itself. This revolutionary commercial LED lighting system unites advanced Light Energy Diode (LED) technology with proven Solatube daylighting design. Starting at the roof level, patented dome technology captures daylight and transmits it indoors through the world’s most reflective tubing to spaces once thought impossible to reach with natural lighting. At the same time, proprietary SunSense Technology monitors daylight levels in the system and automatically triggers the smart LED lights when daylight levels get too low. All of this combines to make the Smart LED Light System an unbeatable sustainable lighting option and the most energy-efficient commercial lighting solution for small to medium-sized spaces.

Flexible design

The Smart LED System was designed to operate individually to illuminate small areas or in dual configurations to attain predictable lighting results for medium-sized spaces. It also can be used to create specific architectural effects using wall washes and soffit lighting, making the Smart LED Light System an intelligent solution for achieving ambient light levels in spaces with ceiling heights up to 10 ft.

Smart LED Library

Reduces energy costs

During the day, the Smart LED Light System lights interiors using no-cost, natural light. As the sun starts to set and light levels fall, energy-efficient LEDs activate automatically to provide illumination for early morning and evening use. The result is a commercial daylighting solution that significantly cuts electricity use and delivers up to 94% in light energy savings.

Seasonal adaptability

Adequate light output is important for occupant satisfaction and productivity. The Smart LED System’s unique dual lighting design makes it extremely effective at delivering consistent lighting, regardless of hour or season. In winter, when days are shorter, daylight is supplemented by the system’s LEDs to ensure minimum lighting requirements are met throughout the day. In the spring and summer, when days are longer and more daylight is available, the LEDs are triggered only in the early morning and evening when they’re needed.