March 26, 2024

Health and Aged Care

Sustainability, Style & Indoor Environment Quality with Natural Light

Reducing the dependence upon electric or artificial lighting in aged care and retirement villages and general residences reduces energy costs, improves the quality of lighting and contributes greatly to the human benefits of natural daylight.

The strategic use of daylight in residences has been found to

  • Reduce lighting energy costs by up to 94%
  • Increase psychological well-being
  • Reduce home carbon emissions by up to 27%
  • How do we know this?

The Green Building Council of Australia reports that daylight

  • Can reduce patient stay lengths by 15% in aged care facilities
  • Lower rates of asthma, flu, and headaches within the home
  • Trigger hormone production that promotes healthy sleep/wake cycles, so we wake feeling well rested

What can Solatube offer your residence?

Solatube’s Daylighting System for health facilities patented technology allows you to achieve standards in residential facilities that competitors simply can’t meet.

    • Building Code Compliance: Solatube meets all Building Code of Australia lighting requirements regarding habitable areas.
    • Guaranteed Performance: Solatube daylighting devices come with a 10-year ‘no leak’ guarantee.
    • Energy Saving: Using Solatube’s highly reflective daylighting devices can reduce energy consumption by as much as 20% and more.

Health and Safety benefits of natural light: Proper lighting can allow the elderly to function more independently by improving social contact, appetite, mood, self-confidence, and anxiety levels.

What is our track record in residential and aged care applications?

Our case studies demonstrate how Solatube® Daylighting Systems have helped cut energy costs and improved the living conditions for residents.