Better LightingThe Ingredient for a Brighter Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where meals are cooked, studying is done and families and friends gather. Natural lighting can enhance your experience by bringing out the colour of food and making the meals you serve more appealing; it can improve concentration so homework gets finished quicker; it can even boost energy levels for more lively conversations. In addition, natural light can improve the look of your kitchen by bringing out the rich textures of your cabinets and counters. A Solatube Skylight is the ingredient to make your kitchen a brighter place.


Kitchen Skylights

  • Detailed tasks such as cutting vegetables become easier and safer with natural light.
  • Natural light lets colours burst forth, making salads look greener and more appealing.
  • Daylight reduces eye strain, making it easier to read the small print in recipes.
  • A Solatube Skylight enables light to be placed exactly where you need it to optimise activities like cooking, reading and socialising.