Sunlight Lets You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Studies have shown that people who work in sunlight experience less eye strain, take fewer sick days and are more productive. In addition, using daylight in your home office or study can benefit your budget by reducing daytime electricity expenses. So why work harder than you need to? Install a Solatube Skylight and start working smarter.


  • Dim, artificial light can make visual tasks such as studying, filing and using a computer hard on your eyes. Bright, clear daylight can ease the strain and make tasks easier to complete.
  • Compared to other rooms, a home office requires specific task lighting. Daylighting allows for precise light placement that helps with tasks such as reading and writing.
  • Furniture in a home office can absorb artificial light, making the room feel dark and closed in. Daylighting counteracts this effect by brightening the space and making it seem larger.

A Solatube Skylight delivers correct light placement and size so you can stay focused throughout the day and complete the tasks that are important for your business. -Mike, Solatube Certified Installer