Play All Day in Your Games Rooms


Grownups and kids alike can benefit from playtime, whether that means a billiard battle with your best bud in your games room, or a dance party with your kids in their play room. Natural lighting can amplify the positive effects of playing by reducing eye strain and enhancing mood. In addition, Solatube Daylighting Systems block the harmful UV rays that can damage skin.

So let the light in and play all day.


  • Whether you’re playing pool or poker, natural light enhances your mood and energy level so you can play all day.
  • Natural light can reduce eye strain to make playtime more enjoyable.

Traditional skylights and older windows can transfer heat from the outside into your home. A Solatube Daylighting System provides a comfortable light level while preventing heat buildup in your games or play room. -Barney, Solatube Certified Installer