Highly effective and simple to install, the Solatube DS Daylighting System transforms dark rooms into extraordinary spaces filled with pure, natural daylight.

Available in two sizes there is a Solatube DS Daylighting System to suit every room you need to brighten.

Daylighting Systems

Skylights - 160 DS Lighting

Solatube® 160 DS

Light Output from Solatube 160 DS

14-19 m2 Light Coverage Area
250 mm Tube Size (diameter)
1032 cm2 EDCS*
6 m+ Potential Length
Skylight - 290 DS

Solatube® 290 DS

Light Output Solatube 290 DS

23-28 m2 Light Coverage Area
350 mm Tube Size (diameter)
1871 cm2 EDCS*
9 m+ Potential Length

At the heart and soul of every Solatube product you’ll discover an array of innovative technologies that defy conventional thinking.  Technology in the dome nearly doubles the Effective Daylight Capture Surface (EDCS) compared to ordinary clear domes used by other tubular skylights.

*EDCS (Effective Daylight Capture Surface) represents the surface area of the dome that collects and redirects sunlight.  For comparison, a standard clear dome with no lens on a 250 mm tube system has a EDCS of 1.990 square meters.

the brightest idea since the creation of the sun.

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