Spectralight® Infinity Extension Tubes

Solatube Spectralight Infinity Extension TubesExtension tubes can be added in increments of 400 mm/16 in or 600 mm/24 in for long runs without sacrificing performance. The secret is the unrivaled reflectivity of Spectralight® Infinity tubing, making it possible to create up to 90 degree angles and long tube runs up to 9 m/30 ft m.


Spectralight® Infinity 0-90 Degree Extension Tube

Solatube Spectralight Infinity 0-90 Degree Extension TubesThe 0-90 degree extension tube provides the ability to install around severe obstacles. With three built-in 30 degree angle adapters, this 0-90 degree extension tube gives you the flexibility to install just about anywhere. Using an innovative angle adaptor design, the 0-90 Degree Extension tube provides the superior performance that flexible tubes can’t match.
(Available in 23″ length)


Flashing Turret Extensions

Solatube Flashing Turret Extension Colour Installed
Solatube Flashing Turret ExtensionsUse to raise the height of the Solatube dome on a roof to avoid snow, water, or shading from roof obstructions. Order additional Spectralight®

Infinity tubing to accomodate turret height. These are made to order as required


Flashing Insulator

Solatube Flashing InsulatorThis insulating material helps to reduce flashing condensation in cold climates when the flashing is exposed to a humid interior space. The insulator is affixed to the flashing base and the top tube slips through the opening, which provides a seal between the interior and metal flashing.


Shock Inner Dome

Solatube Shock Inner DomeHigh Velocity Wind Zone areas such as South Florida require the Solatube Shock Inner Dome. This highly impact-resistant inner dome can also be added to any installation for extra protection from extreme forces.


Daylight Dimmer™ Switch

Solatube Daylight Dimmer SwitchDaylight Dimmer Switch Kit includes DPDT switch, wall plate and 4.5 m /15 ft of cable. Multiple Daylight Dimmers can be controlled by one switch.


Roof Vent Cap for Ventilation Add-On Kit

Solatube Roof Vent Cap for Ventilation Add-On Kit

Ventilation Roof Vent Cap is for use with the Ventilation Add-On Kit (if no vent exists). Comes with gravity damper to prevent back flow.