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Looking for a skylight installer in Sydney? Solatube was established in NSW over 25 years ago and has since become Australia’s leading manufacturer of skylights and roof ventilation systems. Sydney is serviced by 2 Premier Dealers – all with showrooms open for public viewing. We also have Premier Dealers in Newcastle, Gosford, Wollongong, Tamworth, Port Macquarie, Ballina, and Bathurst. Have a look and see why you want Solatube skylights in your home.

All of our dealers have many years of experience advising customers on the best skylights and ventilation solutions for their home. All are fully trained in product and installation through the Solatube University.


Solatube home

Eastern and Western Sydney area

Solatube home
4a/5 Wenben Place
Wetherill Park, NSW 2164
(02) 9725 5433

Southern Skylights

Southern Skylights

South Sydney: Sutherland and St George areas

98 Hillcrest Ave
Hurstville Grove, NSW 2220
(02) 9594 5677

Solatube home

Chatswood, Northern Beaches, North Shores & Northern Sydney areas

210/354 Eastern Valley Way
Chatswood, NSW 2067
(02) 9417 7066



Solatube home and Southern Skylights are Sydney’s Solatube experts. Solatube home services eastern and western Sydney, Southern Skylights serves Sutherland and St. George and Solatube home North is your local source for Solatube products in the Northern Beaches, Chatswood, North Sydney and North Shore areas. Wherever you are in greater Sydney, there’s bound to be a certified Solatube dealer and installer close by.

Solatube Skylights: Perfect For a Sunny City

Sydney is a hot, bright city, with an average of around seven hours of direct sunlight a day. However, until Solatube’s founders developed the tubular skylight, it was impossible to bring that light to building interiors. Daylighting was only available through conventional skylights and windows, and that light always came with heightened air conditioning demand; you couldn’t let in the light without also bringing in the heat. Solatube delivers free, beautiful natural light where it’s needed while blocking UV rays and bringing almost no additional heat into the building.

Sunlight, Controlled

Solatube skylights use a specially designed dome lens to capture light from every direction and filter out the rays that are potentially harmful or over-bright. The light is then channeled through a highly reflective tube that can transport it six to nine metres into the building interior. At the endpoint of the tube, a stylish Solatube diffuser can be installed, with or without a back-up LED system for non-daylight hours. Without the LED backup, the system is completely free and with it added, energy costs are reduced by approximately 94%.

Solatube home and  Southern Skylights are your sources for Solatube’s innovative, highly effective daylighting systems, including great-looking compatible light fixtures and Solar Star solar powered roof vents. You’ll find a full selection of Solatube products and accessories at all three locations, and each offers top of the line customer service, as well; just read the testimonials!

Solatube has long been the innovator in daylighting.  Our early products were the first to capture daylight and deliver it to interior spaces where natural light was previously unavailable.  Today we have taken another leap forward by integrating advanced LED technology into our state-of-the-art daylighting systems.  The result is the Solatube Smart LED System, a 24-hour home lighting solution that delivers up to 94% in light energy savings.

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Solatube Daylighting Systems are award winning tubular skylights and with our range of Decorative Fixtures and Accessories, there is a solution to fit every room’s need.

Our Solar Star Solar Powered Roof Ventilation System outperforms traditional wind vents and will cool your roof space so you can stay cool in Summer.

Best of all, all our products have no ongoing running costs, so you can brighten dark spaces and cool your roof space while saving on your power bills!

Now that’s innovation!





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