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SuperGreen Solutions are Townsville’s Solatube Premier Dealers, and they pride themselves on offering a complete suite of energy saving and green energy solutions. From wind turbines and solar power to daylighting and LED systems, SuperGreen Solutions can provide all the technology you need to make your home or building more energy efficient, greener and smarter.

SuperGreen Soluion and Solatube

SuperGreen Solutions supplies and installs the entire Solatube range of tubular skylights solar powered roof ventilators. Solatube skylights can capture and direct up to 99.7% of the available daylight, and they even work when the weather is overcast. By choosing a complete LED lighting system, you have total control of the amount of light coming into your home and can even choose additional features such as motion sensors to make your lighting as reactive and simple as possible. Solatube LED lights are so efficient that they can cut your energy bills by as much as 94%.

Easy Installation

Solatube skylights are remarkably effective and simple to install, taking just a couple of hours in experienced hands. Those few hours can totally transform the look and feel of a room, channeling bright, natural light from as far away as nine metres. A Solatube skylight brings all the benefits of a bright window with none of the drawbacks. Solatube skylights are cleverly designed to maximise light and minimise solar gain. Unlike conventional windows, Solatube skylights do not capture and trap heat from the sun in summer, nor are they responsible for any significant heat loss in winter.

Visit the SuperGreen Solutions showroom in Townsville today to see the entire Solatube range in action and discuss the options. The SuperGreen Solutions team is always happy to help and even offer a free home energy assessment to find the best ways to help your home save you money. Contact SuperGreen Solutions in Townsville today on 07 4772 7655.

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