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Solatube home is a premier Solatube dealer in Chatswood, serving all of North Sydney as well as some areas in East Sydney. The showroom is one of the newest in Sydney and features a full range of traditional tubular skylights and daylighting systems. Solatube home is located in the major commercial and retail district on the North Shore. Nearby, there’s a combination of newer commercial and residential construction and older, primarily residential, buildings that often have dim interiors and are not as energy efficient. Solatube home – skylights sydney expert has several case studies that illustrate how Solatubes can bring energy efficient natural daylight into the dark interior spaces of all types of buildings; they’ve done a lot of local work since they opened and started selling Solatube skylights in 2010. The transformation of these interiors with Solatube is amazing. Dark, moody corners are now flooded with bright, beautiful sunlight—without any heat or glare.

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Solatube Skylights

With winter approaching, skylights can be a simple and highly effective way to draw natural daylight into your home, thus extending daylight and transforming dark rooms into natural-light filled spaces. Solatube’ s tubular daylighting systems were developed to capture as much sunlight as possible, no matter where the sun is located throughout the day.

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Solatube Daylighting Systems are an economical solution for lighting hallways, ensuites, study nooks, walk-in wardrobes and pantries, storerooms or any room that has small-sized windows, windows shaded by buildings and trees, or a south-facing aspect. Not only will ample light hinder the growth of mould, you will no longer have to fumble in the dark for the light switch or remember to turn it off.

Solatube systems are easy to install and can be installed on just about any type of roof, regardless of the slope or orientation towards the sun.


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Community focused Solatube home has 2 showrooms – Wetherill Park and Chatswood, come in and talk to the team about natural daylighting and ventilation options.We are proud supporters of the Starlight Foundation and have raised over $15,000 from contributions from customers sales over the last twelve months. And support the Manly Rugby Club  for the last 2 years.


Residential & Commercial projects are our specialty

Solatube home work extensively with Local builders, architects and roofers on the north shore to provide natural lighting alternatives for their projects.  Lighting designs are our specialty whether for Residential or Commercial projects we can assist.

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