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Dubbo Skylights is the Solatube Premier Dealer for Dubbo, New South Wales. The team at Dubbo Skylights sells and installs the full range of Solatube skylight systems, including the latest LED skylight that delivers up to 94% light energy savings and provides light on demand, 24 hours a day.

Dubbo: A Solar Paradise

Dubbo benefits from 4,383 hours of daylight each year. Typically, 72% of daylight hours are sunny ones, meaning Solatube customers in this area can really benefit from the light capture of Solatube’s skylights. Solatube skylights are incredibly efficient, bouncing daylight into almost any room, even on lower levels. The shorter the distance, the more intense the light. but thanks to Solatube’s Spectra Light infinity lining, Solatube skylights can transfer daylight into rooms 10 metres or more from the original roof collector.

In summer, unlike conventional windows, Solatube tubular skylights help to minimise solar gain and enable buildings to remain cooler for longer. While Solatube skylights make the most of any available daylight, they filter strong UV light and reduce the transfer of heat from the light source into your living space. Even in midwinter, Solatube skylights bathe you in cool, natural daylight without losing heat in the way that windows can.

Solatubes and LEDs

Solatube Smart LED systems offer the best of both worlds, capturing up to 99.7% of the natural light that reaches them and supplementing fading light with energy efficient LEDs. Solatube’s Smart LED Lighting System works seamlessly, automatically sensing lowering light levels to switch on when needed and off when not. This system can also be fitted with a movement sensor to make sure no energy is wasted lighting empty rooms.

Situated in the heart of Tamworth, you can see the entire Solatube range in action in our showroom. Just call our team on 02 6762 4333 to arrange your visit today.


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