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Solatube home is a premier Solatube Dealer in Chatswood, serving all of North Sydney as well as some areas in East Sydney. Their showroom is one of the newest in Sydney and features a full range of traditional tubular skylights and daylighting systems.

Amazing Examples

Solatube home is located in the major commercial and retail district on the North Shore. Nearby, there’s a combination of newer commercial and residential construction and older, primarily residential, buildings that often have dim interiors and are not as energy efficient. Solatube home has several case studies that illustrate how Solatubes can bring energy efficient natural daylight into the dark interior spaces of all types of buildings; they’ve done a lot of local work since they opened and started selling Solatube skylights in 2010. The transformation of these interiors with Solatube is amazing. Dark, moody corners are now flooded with bright, beautiful sunlight—without any heat or glare.

Additional Products

Besides offering Solatube’s primary daylighting systems, Solatube home also offers SolarStar, Solatube’s environmentally conscious alternative to mechanical attic ventilation. SolarStar is a solar-powered roof ventilation system that circulates air to make your home or business more comfortable, especially in the summer months. It costs nothing to run and requires absolutely no electricity. It is the perfect compliment to Solatube’s daylighting products, making your entire home, business, or other indoor space brighter and more energy efficient.

Solatube home other Solatube products include the eight models in the Decorative Fixtures line, stylish diffusers designed to work with Solatube skylights. They also offer traditional tubular skylights, mechanical roof ventilation and high-rise ventilation for wet rooms.

See what a unique difference a Solatube Daylighting or ventilation system can make for you. View more pictures on Solatube’s Facebook page, then call Solatube home on 02 9417 3188 for a quote.

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