For decades, homeowners have been using skylights to add bright, natural light to their homes. But what happens when that sunlight is a little too bright, resulting in unwanted glare and even causing “hot spots” in specific areas of a room? It’s a common problem with many traditional skylights – suddenly, all that warm, natural light you were hoping for becomes more annoyance than pleasure. And while some traditional skylights offer diffusive coatings to cut down on glare, the truth is, that just winds up cutting down on light, as well.

Solatube tubular daylighting devices (TDDs) were developed based on years of research, learning what homeowners and business want in terms of skylight design and function – and just as importantly, what they don’t want. The result is a tubular skylight that’s just as attractive and reliable as it is functional and durable.

Solatube uses a highly reflective material to line the tubes that bring sunlight inside, so homeowners get the most light possible. Plus, a unique cap design maximizes the amount of light that can be captured, no matter where the sun is in the sky. But just as important as these light-gathering and transmitting capabilities is the way the units can diffuse the light once it reaches the indoor areas of your home.

Solatube offers a range of diffusers that have been created specifically to achieve the lighting effect you’re looking for depending on the area of your home and how the light is being used – for specific tasks or for more ambient lighting needs, from the natural, bright light of the sun. Diffusers work by taking the gathered light and distributing it evenly; in the way that works best for your unique space. In fact, Solatube diffusers let you take advantage of four types of lighting effects to get just the right “look” for your rooms:

  • Natural – for bright, natural light from the sun; this effect comes standard with your Solatube skylight
  • Warm – creates an effect similar to that of incandescent light bulbs
  • Soft – produces a glowing effect, ideal for areas in especially sunny climates
  • Warm/soft – as the name implies, combines the effects of warm and soft diffusers

Plus, diffusers come in different designs, including classic cascading profiles and “OptiView” designs that use Fresnel lenses to provide a unique kaleidoscopic view of the sky in addition to natural light.

The designers at Solatube know lighting plays a big role in creating your home’s atmosphere and appeal. By using different diffusers, you can create different moods based on the function and purpose of each room so the natural sunlight enhances your space instead of causing unwelcome glare. Plus, like everything Solatube makes, every diffuser is backed by a 10-year warranty and guaranteed to be durable.

To learn more about Solatube and how our diffusers can help you create unique, naturally-lit spaces – and conserve energy and money, too – browse the website or use our simple online contact form, and one of our reps will get in touch.

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