Don’t avoid the big clean, get your home into shape and keep the allergies at bay by doing just four things

Avoiding the inevitable spring-cleaning blitz? Quality air in the home is not something we often think about but since we spend 90 per cent of our time indoors, taking action and cleaning up the home is crucial.


After many cold months cooped up inside beside heaters and under blankets, it’s time to spring into action and dust off the winter lethargy (literally dust off!). Indoor pollution is sometimes overlooked when making a list of spring-cleaning tasks. An influx of indoor particles from pollens, dust mites, pollution, soot, and smoke contribute to headaches, allergic dizziness, lethargy or itchy eyes – to name a few.


Leading daylighting and ventilation experts, Solatube, have four tips for focussing spring-cleaning energy:


  • Let there be light: Regular exposure to natural light is not only good for your health but also has the added benefits of enhancing its value due to design, function and energy saving. Natural light can improve your health and well-being by releasing serotonin that boots energy levels and your overall mood.


A popular solution is Solatube’s INFRAREDuction skylight which enables less heat loss in winter in less heat in summer. Its diffusing option is also a big plus as it can be adjusted to align with the look and feel of the room.

  • No more mould: Lack of proper sunlight and ventilation in the home can eventually result in a damp or mouldy home. People who live in damp or mouldy homes are 40 per cent more likely to get asthma, which can have lifelong health consequences.


  • Better air quality = better health: All rooms in the home should be well ventilated. This means that air should be able to flow into and out of each room in the house. This is important so that fresh air can get inside all the rooms and stale air can get out. Roof ventilation is key to driving heat and moisture out of your roof cavity all year round.


Solatube’s Solar Star (roof ventilation) is solar-powered and designed to reduce extreme heat build-up in your home and eliminates mould, which in turn, prolongs the life of your roof.

Black solar-powered vent roof mounts with guidelines

  • Don’t forget your filters: If you haven’t been changing the filters in your heating and air conditioning system regularly, do it now. Clean filters reduce the wear and tear on your furnace and improve the quality of the air you are breathing.


To find out more on how to brighten up your home this spring, talk with one of Solatube’s local dealers about your daylighting needs.

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