Solatube International first opened its doors in Australia all the way back in 1991, meaning that we are currently celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2016. Though the optical technology that powers Solatube’s state-of-the-art tubular daylighting devices (TDDs) and other options has evolved over time, the core goal of the business itself has always remained the same. We aim to deliver the highest quality natural daylight to any space. Solatube wants to aid in energy saving and sustainability efforts across the country and continues to proudly serve its millions of satisfied clients with each passing day.

Solatube's tubular daylighting devices

25 Years of Solatube History

  • From the moment the first Solatube product was sold in 1991 until now, three MILLION such products have been sold worldwide.
  • If every Solatube product ever sold were lined up end-to-end, it would stretch from the heights of Canada to the lowest peak of Miami, Florida.
  • Solatube products have been installed in locations as varied as warehouses, homes, government offices, manufacturing facilities, museums, schools and more.
  • Coca-Cola is the biggest single supporter of Solatube Daylighting Systems worldwide. At the company’s bottling plant in Peru, there are more than 2300 systems all working in tandem with one another.
  • Solatube made history when its systems were installed at the Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium for the 2008 Olympics.
  • Some of the most important places that Solatube systems have been installed over the last 25 years are classrooms. There have been a number of different studies completed over the years that show kids receive higher test scores and show improved performance in general when they’re exposed to daylight.

The Technology to Build a Brighter Tomorrow

The technology that powers tubular skylights is every bit as innovative as the company itself. Each daylighting system captures quality daylight on the roof of a building via our patented Raybender 3000 and LightTracker Reflector. That light is then transferred down via a Spectralight Infinity tube, lined with the most highly reflective material available that guarantees delivery of the brightest daylight possible. The Solatube SolaMaster® series can be installed up to 12m in length, with a bend of up to 90 degrees, meaning there are few places that pure, natural daylight can’t be delivered.

From the deepest, darkest depths of a basement to rooms in a house that may not ever see direct sunlight due to a lack of windows or position, it doesn’t actually matter – a diffuser at the ceiling is used to distribute light evenly to interior spaces at up to 28m2 of coverage.

Above all else, Solatube solutions are ecologically friendly – meaning that there are no fossil fuels being burned and that the system is completely passive at all times. Just one of the many benefits of installing a Solatube daylighting system.

One of the most important advancements that Solatube has made by far over the last two and a half decades, however, takes the form of Raybender 3000 technology. Not only do customers get to enjoy maximum light capture throughout the day, but the system itself is also designed to reject midday sunlight that can be overwhelming as well. This doesn’t just help to make sure that sunlight gets through to the inside of a building, but that the experience itself is as consistent and as high quality as it can possibly be.

These are just a few of the key advancements that Solatube has made over the last 25 years. We’ve undoubtedly come a long way and with Raybender 3000 technology and options like the Spectralight Infinity tubing, it’s exciting to think about what the next 25 years might have in store, too.

If you’d like to find out additional information about Solatube Daylighting Systems or if you’re interested in speaking with an authorised skylight dealer in your area, please don’t delay – contact us today.

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