Summer in Australia can be sizzling hot. So, many homes use their AC units a lot, and can spend much of their time inside to escape the heat. Many people tend to keep the aircon going full blast, but this can result in high expenses. With this in mind, we’re going to share one of the most cost-effective ways to cool your house this summer.

How to Cool Your House and be Cost-Effective

Your home needs proper ventilation to keep your house cool and to extract all the pollutants from the rooms, as well as stale indoor air. All of this will keep the air pure. But how can you do this cost effectively?

Do you want to spend as little as possible on utilities, save energy and make cool air flow better through your home? In addition to our impressive skylight installations, Solatube has designed an innovative range of ventilation systems with progressive motor technologies and extraordinary designs. Our designs provide outstanding performance and excellent power output.

We are talking about Solatube’s Solar Star Roof Vents and our impressive whole house fans.

A Solatube Whole House Fan Will Keep Your Home Cool

Solatube Whole House Fans don’t operate like traditional air-conditioners or fans by recirculating the air. Instead, the air indoors is completely replaced with fresh air by pushing the hot, stale air out of the attic or roof through vents and pulling fresh air from outside through the windows into the house.

During warmer months, your house and attic can become up to 15.5 degrees cooler with a whole house fan. What’s more, it’s energy efficient, saving you up to 90% off your AC costs.

There are four models that will cool any house, with any number of different areas:

  • Model 1500VS: Cooling up to 95m²
  • Model 3000VS: Cooling up to 95-190m²
  • Model 4500VS: Cooling up to 190-280m²
  • Model 6000VS: Cooling 280m²+

When you have an attic or roof space, the sun bears down on it relentlessly, and the air doesn’t circulate well unless there are proper measures in place. The heat in there can then increase the temperature of the rest of your home. In turn, this forces your AC to work very hard, which of course raises the usage and maintenance expenses.

The Marvels of a Solatube Roof Vent for Summer

A Solatube roof vent reduces moisture and heat by working with a roof-mount vent. It sucks hot air and humidity out of the roof space and makes it a lot cooler. This will also help prevent mould which can damage your roof structure. All in all, this device encourages a healthier home while improving comfort.

Solatube installations operate by solar energy. This means that once your system is in, you have no additional operating costs, and don’t use electricity from the grid. The fans are exceptionally quiet in their operation and come in different sizes to meet various homes’ needs.:

  • The RM 1600: For traditional-sized attics
  • V-Aero 250: For smaller attics, Bushfire rated

In addition to all this, you can rest peacefully knowing you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint. You’re reducing electricity usage and using natural means to do so.

So, why not give the Solatube team a call now on 1800 13 16 19 for a free quote? Let’s talk about how we can cool your home or add brilliant daylight with skylights.

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  1. Gordon Brown

    Please provide quote and documentation for the RM1600 solar fan to fit double storey townhouse metal roof. Unit 28, 24 Tallis street wakerley.

    1. Ruth Buckley

      Hi Gordon,

      Your inquiry has been passed to Brisbane Skylights, they are the local Dealer for your area, they will email you the information and provide a quotation.

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