Solatube provide the most competitive products on the market.  While our heavenly intelligent and Econo (Flexi) tube range are made of the highest quality components, Solatube’s Brighten Up series is LIGHT years beyond the rest. With a brighten up series you can;

Man under skylightEnjoy More Daylight during winter – Feel better, think better, live better.

Our brighten up series doesn’t just outperform the others, with our Raybender 3000, light tracking reflector and 99.7% reflective tube material we can provide up to double the light output at low sunlight angle of any other Australian tube skylight (Or, During most of winter).

Bring the enjoyment of summer indoors, with with Cool Natural light.

Excessive layers of glazing or lenses can reduce winter light output, instead, Solatube Australia’s Brighten up series exclusively uses “Cool Tube” technology (patented) which draws heat away from the product before it enters your home. Enjoy beautiful natural light with out the heat associated with traditional skylights.

Superior Energy efficiency and Energy compliance.

Our Brighten up series it the only Australian owned product to be awarded the prestigious Energy star. Check the ratings here at Energy Star.

Enjoy the benefits of Australia’s truest colour rendition.

Colour rendition

Our Brighten up series filters our harmful UV that causes fading but delivers UV that encourages plant growth. Only 99.7% reflective tube will deliver the Brightest, most pure natural daylight into your home so you can enjoy benefits such as,

  • Are you “SAD”? Reduce “Seasonal Affect Disorder” for a happier family in winter,
  • A well-lit home will Create a safer environment for the whole family,
  • See true colours of clothing, makeup, pictures or anything you want to look its best,
  • Long term investment, not only will electric lighting be reduced but a will-lit home will increase its sale value.

Natural light is essential to our health and daily lives. At Solatube we know we can deliver the highest quality and most pure natural light of any product that we offer our Highest Performance Guaranteed* or your money back!

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