How Natural Light Can Increase Sales

Need a business solution to improve your bottom line? In this article you’ll discover how natural light can help showrooms and retailers increase sales, boost ambience, and diminish the cost of electricity.

Yes! Capturing natural light is changing the way we shop. For one thing, building in natural light into a store has psychological benefits and positioning your daylight systems in a smart way increases retail sales by up to 40%.

So, for your business, here’s all you need to know.

Where It All Began

The history of how natural light became popular dates back to the 1990s, when the Walmart in Lawrence, Kansas started to replace their artificial lights with natural lighting. They discovered that not only did their electricity bill decrease, but it also boosted sales.

In fact, the products that were placed directly under commercial skylights sold much better than products placed under florescent electric lights. Walmart even swapped their products around and placed different products under natural lighting to discover if their theory were true. It worked—those products sold in greater numbers.

How Does Natural Lighting Affect People?

If people are given the option to choose between a building flooded with natural light, or one lit with electric lights, most would choose the former. The reason for this is that daylighting-design done well augments the architecture of a building. It creates an emotional atmosphere and forges a space that’s much more hospitable – making it more welcoming, comforting and friendly.

Study Proving the Benefits of Natural Light

An example of a study done to prove this is one by the Eneref Institute, who discovered that stores with natural lighting were more inviting. This, in turn, increased the amount of people in their stores. And natural lighting over the checkout counters made customers feel more relaxed.


Lighting Improves the Look of Products

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, natural light makes products look better, from fresh fruit and vegetables to furniture polish. The reason for this is that daylight accurately presents all wavelengths of light in the colour spectrum.

Natural Lighting Increases Positive Environmental Impact

What’s more important, the use of natural light instead of artificial lighting enables your store to be more environmentally-friendly and reduces your carbon footprint. This will appeal to your eco-conscious customers, such as millennials and Generation Z customers, who are acutely aware of the issue of climate change.

Clearer Images for the Elderly

It’s not only a strategic move to engage younger customers for long-term loyalty, but older customers also appreciate high-quality daylight systems. According to the Illuminating Engineering Society, people over 55 require 2.3 times greater light than 25-year-olds in order to see as well.

A Worthwhile Change

When retailers use energy-efficient natural lighting systems, they can improve the level of light indoors without any glare. Not only that, but they also reduce energy costs when compared to using electric lights.

Ready to Get Triple the Benefit?

By installing natural lighting systems, retailers are able to enjoy triple the benefit:

  • cut energy costs
  • increase sales
  • fight climate-change

All in one.

If you want to find out more about creative harnessing of the sun, call 13 16 19. As commercial skylight manufacturers we can assist you with the best solution for your business.

It’s the best change you’ll make this year!

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