If you’ve already paid your hard-earned money for quality electric lighting in your home, you may find yourself thinking, “Why do I need anything else? I can see, can’t I?” While you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, there are a number of reasons why you definitely want to convert your electric lighting to daylighting using a Solatube tubular daylighting system that are more than worth exploring.

Add Solatube Daylighting To Your-Rooms
Add Solatube Daylighting To Your-Rooms
You’ll Save Money Immediately 

One of the things that people don’t pay enough attention to about electric lights is that they don’t stop paying for them after they make their initial purchase. The more you use your lights, the more money you pay by way of your utility bills each month. While switching to LED downlights will save you hundreds each year, they still use expensive electricity, especially as most households have tens of downlights to operate.

A Solatube tubular daylighting system, on the other hand, uses solar energy to light the inside of your home. The patented Raybender® 3000 technology captures a steady stream of light, meaning a consistent amount of light no matter the time of day or weather conditions. Each Solatube tube is lined with Spectra Light Infinity, the most reflective material available. This means that because you aren’t actually using any electricity during the day, you aren’t paying a thing. The light is then evenly distributed into a room via a diffuser, which can be dimmed or blocked depending on your needs. The light can also be boosted by using optional electric light kits. One compliments the other, providing you with all of the light you need and you save money on your utility bills each month at the same time.

Maintenance Just Got Easier 

Along the same lines, flicking the switch and turning on to Solatube’s daylighting system will also save you a tremendous amount of time and money by way of the general maintenance reduction you’ll experience. Every time a bulb in your electrical lighting system goes out, for example, you can guarantee another trip to the store to buy a replacement. You also have to climb up a ladder, swap the old bulb out and dispose of it properly – all of which requires effort that could be better used elsewhere.

With a Solatube tubular daylighting system, on the other hand, you can leave that ladder in the garage where it belongs because there are no bulbs to change. You also won’t have to worry about damaged plugs, frayed cords, malfunctioning outlets and more – Solatube’s tubular daylighting system doesn’t use them. Even if you use a hybrid system, the LEDs inside can last up to 20 years without so much as a second thought – a small price to pay for this type of freedom, convenience, and reliability.

These are just a few of the reasons why switching from your old electric lighting system to a Solatube daylighting system is the right switch to make. To find out more information about this breakthrough technology, visit our website or contact us. If you are looking for a Solatube skylight dealer in Brisbane, click here.

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