Solatube Energy Saving Tips For most Australians, energy costs make up a fair portion of the household budget. Taking steps to conserve energy is an important way to make a measurable difference in your monthly spending and free up cash for saving – or splurging.

Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways to save energy without considerable cash outlay. Here’s a quick list of energy-saving tips and ideas to help you slash your own energy costs and fatten your savings account:

  • Eliminate draughts: You may think your home is properly insulated, but if you have even tiny cracks around windows, doors or outlets for fans, drains or vents, it’s like throwing money away. Detect even small leaks by passing a lit match around the edges of windows, doors and outlets and watch for flickering, which indicates air is moving. When you find a leak, seal it with caulk or use foam insulation to plug it.
  • Optimise the efficiency of your appliances: Use a microwave or electric frying pan instead of your oven when possible, reserving your oven for times when you’re baking or roasting several items at once. Match your cooking pot sizes to the burners, and always cover pots with lids to conserve heat. Make sure to leave space around your refrigerator to help it stay cool and check seals to ensure they’re in good shape. Use your washing machine only when you have a full load, and hang clothes to dry, rather than using a dryer
  • Be “sun smart”: Keep curtains closed during hot days, especially on the sunny side of your home, opening them in the evening to let cooler air in. Consider installing insulating drapes for use during both summer and winter.
  • Consider a skylight: Solatube’s skylights are designed to be energy-efficient, providing clear, bright light, even during the low-light months of winter. And because of their unique dome design and material, you don’t have to worry about creating hot spots that can make your air conditioning system work over time and result in uneven, inefficient heating during cooler months.
  • Install LED lighting: LEDs use just a small fraction of the energy of fluorescent bulbs, and they’re also friendlier to the environment. Solatube’s Smart LED system provides energy-efficient light after the sunsets, and optional sensors turn light on and off automatically to save even more money.
  • Keep air moving: Install ceiling fans and use them instead of air conditioning when possible. Reverse the flow during winter to push warmer air down from the ceiling into your living areas.

Implementing these changes can help you save money without sacrificing comfort. To learn how easy it is to add an energy-efficient Solatube skylight and LED lighting system to your home, contact us via our website or call us toll-free at 1 800 131 619.

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