Everyone like getting something free, and luckily, Mother Nature is pretty accommodating: Cool breezes, beautiful views, wild flowers – they all come to you directly from Mother Nature. Moreover, there’s one more freebie we all get to enjoy (especially here in Australia) – plenty of beautiful, bright sunlight.

Yep, sunlight is free, but it’s amazing how few of us take advantage of it or its amazing health and mood-lifting benefits. That’s partly due to the way most homes tend to be designed – with windows providing limited lighting to just a few areas of the home, limited by the location of the sun. The interior spaces in our homes – hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, office spaces and transitional areas between rooms – tend to receive far less natural light, relying instead on artificial light that can make areas seem more remote and less inviting.

Skylights are a great way to add more light to your home, but traditional units are almost as limited as windows in terms of what they can do. That’s because traditional skylights are designed to provide light only to the spaces directly below them, and even then, light varies considerably depending on the time of day and even the season. That means if you have a poorly lit or gloomy space on the first floor of your home, a traditional skylight just isn’t going to work.

So does that mean you need to give up the idea of adding bright, natural (and free!) sunlight to those spaces? Not if you opt for a Solatube skylight. Solatube uses a special proprietary design that incorporates the world’s most reflective materials to deliver clear, bright light over long distances – up to nine meters (30 feet). Plus, its slim tubular design enables it to be installed between rafters and joists, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a skylight without embarking on an extensive and costly construction project.

Solatube also offers other advantages over other brands of skylights, specifically in the design and workmanship that goes into each unit. Each Solatube skylight features a unique refractive dome that’s designed to gather maximum light no matter how low the sun is in the sky, which is especially important during the winter as well as throughout the day as the sun rises or sets. In addition, the durable materials are strong enough to weather any storm without damage and without leaks (how’s that for peace of mind?).

Plenty of people in Australia are taking advantage of Solatube skylights to add light to transitional spaces in their homes – and living in one of the sunniest places on Earth, why not? It’s a great way to banish gloominess, making every area of your home feel brighter and more inviting – and it’s energy- and cost-efficient too! If you’d like to learn more about Solatube, we’re here to help. Visit our website, drop us a line using our online contact form, or call us on 131 619.

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