Are you looking for a way to let a little more light into your life and home? Are you considering installing a Skylight?

It seems too easy these days to pick up a cheap skylight from your local hardware store and DIY install it but there’s a lot to consider before cutting a hole in your roof and shoving a budget Skylight in it!

Considerations before installing a skylight in your home

1. Quality Skylight Home Installation and Materials

Because skylights are installed on roofs, they are directly subjected to the forces of nature. A skylight must be thoroughly sealed against rain. The quality of the flashing and proper installation are an assurance the skylight seal won’t leak or deteriorate over time.

Skylight leaking is the most common problem that traditional skylights and tubular skylights have in common. Locating the source of the leak can often be difficult and tedious when the majority of the complications stem from poor installation. If you are looking to install a skylight for the first time without professional help then following the instruction manuals is paramount to the longevity of the skylight and the extra hours will ultimately pay off long term.

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2. Skylight Placement in Your Home

Where do you want to install your skylight(s)? Placement can determine the size of skylight you require and if you require more then one skylight in the room, to really brighten or balance a larger room. You may want to put the Skylight in the middle of the room or above an island bench in the kitchen to really benefit from the natural light.

Following Step 1, installing skylights in home can sometimes involve working around the roof structure. Optimal placement of a skylight can sometimes be a difficult process for the inexperienced and the skylight tubing may require multiple bends to achieve that placement which in turn can affect the performance of your skylight. You get what you pay for when it comes to skylight tubing, the cost effective flexible tubing can be enough for some DIY skylight installation projects but for optimal daylight you may have to pay the extra buck and spend the extra man hours to really enjoy the fruits of your labour.

3. Skylight Size and Performance

Once you know where you need the skylight; the next step is to decide the size of the skylight.

The Solatube160DS Skylight is perfect for hallways, bathrooms, laundries and smaller spaces in your home. The Solatube 290DS Skylight is designed for bigger rooms like kitchens, lounge rooms, master bedrooms and garages.

While we can provide a quick guide as to what skylights can potentially suit each room, but you should always consider that every home is unique and has their own requirements for adequate lighting. Consulting your skylight professionals for a quote will always be your best bet for professional advice. Contact Solatube for any of your skylight or ventilation enquiries.

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4. Decorative Lighting Fixtures and Diffusers

There are many different types of Skylight Diffusers you can get to complement your skylight. The diffuser acts like a light fitting.  If you have a modern house you may want to look at the OptiVeiw or TierDrop. If you have a house with period features; you may want to look at the AuroraGlo or QuadraFrost diffuser to blend with the theme.

OptiView Diffuser
QuadraFrost Diffuser






5. Practical Add Ons for Your Skylight

There are accessories available for every skylight project to suit every room in the house or business. If you are installing a skylight in a damp or humid area such as a bathroom or laundry, then might want to get a ventilation kit to prevent a steam build up.

If you would like some extra natural light in your bedroom but also enjoy an afternoon power nap you may consider a daylight dimmer so you have total control over the light that enters your space!

Aesthetic lenses are available to change how the light is projected into your room. effect lenses are also able to adjust the colour of the light projected through your skylight depending on your preference.

6. Solatube Product Warranty

What makes our products stand out from the rest is our Ten Year Warranty which covers the domes, roof flashing bases, diffusers, diffuser ceiling mountings, reflective tubing, plastic, rubber or metal seals and gaskets, tapes and fasteners. We also provide warranty on the Installation.