With every plan to renovate or add anything to your home, you’re bound to hear stories from friends or family about why it’s a bad idea. Everyone always knows someone who had an unpleasant experience. Sound familiar?

Considering adding skylights is no different. Despite being a popular addition to homes across the world for over 50 years, there are still people who aren’t convinced it’s a wise investment. The real question is, do these often exaggerated tales have any merit?

Scary Skylight Stories Rectified

Like so many other technical add-ons in your home, skylights’ foundation years had a few design flaws and installation glitches. But, as time passed and technology improved, those old flaws have all been tended to.

Unfortunately, despite the technological advancements, the rumours persist in some circles. We’ve compiled a list of the 6 most common myths surrounding skylights and the installation process in general.

Myth #1: Skylight Installation is a Difficult Process

One of the first stories you’ll hear is that skylights are difficult to install. The thought of having a series of holes in your roof for several days on end might leave you with second thoughts.

Truth: While it’s true that some daylighting brands do stretch their installation processes over several days, this isn’t the case with Solatube. At Solatube Australia, we pride ourselves on the fact that our installation process only takes a few hours. Our products are designed to fit in and around existing rafters and joists.

Myth #2: Eventually, Skylights Start Leaking

Many people who share this myth have no doubt had an unpleasant experience with a contractor cutting corners. Some contractors use shoddy materials which are improperly installed and ultimately lead to product failure.

Truth: The good news is, there are no cutting corners at Solatube! We don’t use inferior products and our installers are experts in their fields. Solatube Tubular Skylights are engineered to work in all roof types. Additionally, the one-piece steel construction eradicates the chance of leaking.

Myth #3: Skylights Can’t be Turned Off

The most compelling reason to opt for skylight installation is to increase the amount of natural light in your home. Natural light has so many benefits but what if you need to sleep during the day? Since skylights offer natural light, the myth is that they can’t be switched off.

Truth: The experts at Solatube take people’s diverse needs into consideration when they design their products. The Solatube Solar Powered Daylight Dimmer System allows you to adjust the amount of natural light entering your space at any time. Homeowners can easily choose between 2% – 100% illumination whenever they need it.

Myth #4: Skylights Have a Negative Effect on Your Energy Efficiency

This myth stems from older generic brands with flaws of heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the colder months.

Truth: Fortunately, Solatube systems are designed to produce optimal thermal performance. Energy Star has rated our products because of their ability to regulate required temperatures. In fact, Solatube products help homeowners enjoy considerable savings!

Myth #5: Skylights Provide too Much Sunlight

Most people love an adequate amount of sunlight. However, in the past, a number of homeowners reported experiencing too much sunlight which ultimately damaged furniture.

Truth: If you install skylights from the 70s, you might have these problems. However, if you use modern products like the ones from Solatube, you’ll experience our patented technology that easily safeguards your home from the heat and damaging effects of UV light. At Solatube we want you to only experience the positive effects of a skylight installation!

Myth #6: Skylights Only Work During the Day

Some older brands might leave you in the dark when the sun goes down. These older brands are nothing more than glorified sky windows! Hence the myth that skylights only work for daylight hours!

Truth: More good news is that Solatube skylights don’t go dark when the sun goes down! Our tubular skylights are optionable with an Integrated Solar Electric Night Light. The system then collects and stores the sun’s warm energy to power a nightlight after sunset. A host of different add-on kits allow you to choose how much night light you want in each space!

How to Get the Best Skylights Around

If you have nay-sayers doing their best to convince you that skylights are bad news, the best option would be to speak to an expert from Solatube! Make a list of the myths, queries, concerns and questions you have, and we’ll provide you with all the info you need to make the right decision!

Call Solatube on 13 16 19 for a quick and easy QUOTE! Skylights are the perfect way to increase natural light in your building. With an extensive product list available, you’ll easily find the perfect Solatube setup for your particular space!

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