The Roof Ventilation Solution that fights moisture, decay, heat build up and more.

Installed in under 30 minutes.  Comes with a 5 year warranty on solar panel and motor and 10 year warranty on all other parts. Outperforms ordinary wind vents!

Roof Ventilation Heat MoistureThe Solar Star Roof Ventilation System draws hot air and moisture out of the roof space and discharges it to the exterior.

Roof Ventilation Reduces Heat Build Up

A hot roof acts like a giant radiator, transferring heat into your living spaces, sending both electricity bills and temperatures soaring. Solar Star, the leader in solar powered roof ventilation, brings you the most technologically advanced, environmentally friendly roof ventilation solution today. Best of all, Solar Star brings you a solution that costs nothing to operate! Imagine the savings…

Roof Ventilation Battles Moisture

Many of today’s houses have insufficient ventilation and air exchange. This causes high humidity levels from everyday activities. This moisture migrates through the ceiling towards the roof, where it can come into contact with a cooler structure, condensing and potentially causing damage to your roof structure. The solar star roof ventilation system removes moisture from underneath your roof, preventing this type of damage.

Whirlybirds / Wind Vents vs. Solar Star

Solar Star Versus Whirlybirds

Solar Star Roof Ventilation, the Smart Way to Cool Your Home This Summer Summer in Australia seems to get hotter every year. There aren’t too many options for keeping cool in these hot temperatures. Having some family fun in the pool is a great short term solution for some lucky families and air conditioning can provide some relief if you’re willing to pay the price. The Solatube Solar Star will help cool your home all year round u …

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Residential Quantity Guidelines

Solar Powered Solar Star Quantity Guide

How many Solatube Solar Stars do you need? Recommended installation planning guidelines for the Solar Star RM 1200 and RM 1600 into residential roof space areas.   …

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Solar Star Technical Specifications

Solar Star Technical Specification

Solar Star® Solar Panel Advanced 10 or 22-watt photovoltaic Solar Star solar panel High-impact resistant panel provides protection from hail, wind and foreign object damage Motor High-performance, long lasting motor Brushless DC motor with Double-shielded ball bearings Whisper quiet Fan Blade 5-wing, polymeric fan blade designed for high CFM output and low noise Canted fan blade increases airflow Lightweight design reduces motor re …

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