Brisbane is known for its year-round sunshine. Based in Clayfield, Brisbane Daylight Systems are the Solatube Premier Dealers undertaking work north of the Brisbane River.

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It Really is the Sunshine State

So sunny is Brisbane that solar gain from conventional windows can be a real problem, especially in summer. Too-bright sunlight causes unnecessary energy use both through air conditioning and through artificial lighting during the day, which is necessary because so much radiant heat comes in with the light from windows. As Solatube tubular skylights have very little heat gain and filter UV light, the result is that you get almost all the daylight you would expect from a window with none of the solar gain.

A Solatube in Less Than Two Hours

The team at Brisbane Daylight Systems stocks the full range of Solatube products, from our top-of-the-range skylights to the latest LED lighting systems and solar-powered roof ventilation systems. In fact, the team is so used to installing Solatube products that a Solar Star can be up and running in half an hour and a completely new tubular skylight in around 90 minutes. All this with no fuss, no mess for you to clean up and a dramatic difference in your home.

The Solatube smart LED light system can save you up to 94% on energy bills and is completely controllable, with butterfly baffle dimmers to control the daylight coming in and, when day turns to night, automatically illuminated LED lighting. Customers can also choose optional features such as motion sensors, so lights are only on when people are in the room to use them.

Ask Our Happy Customers

Don’t take our word for it either; Brisbane Daylight Systems have been awarded a five-star service award by, thanks to their great online reviews from happy customers. Contact the team today or call into their showroom on Junction Road to see Solatube’s products in action.

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Brisbane Daylighting Systems - North Brisbane

Brisbane Daylighting Systems - North Brisbane
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